The Golden Carrot - News - August 1999

 Dear  Friends and Patrons:


Our Web Site  is Up! Carol Cooling has done an incredible job - lots and lots  of pictures, links, donation possibilities, etc. Its a nice site to  visit, and after being up with a counter less than a month, we have  a lot of hits. Carol is trying to talk me into a Web Cam - apparently  a video camera connected to the computer to allow a person visiting  the web site to see LIVE pictures of - well, mostly me cleaning stalls!  However the cost is stopping me - these things cost about $300 - as  always. (Anyone wishing to donate a working web cam will be acknowleged  permanently on the web site with the view it shows, plus, of course,  it is tax deductable .......).

In the Donations page we have an outfit called iGive - an on-line mall. Go into it  and register yourselves. Costs you nothing, gets me $2! Then, every  time you visit the site, whether you buy or not, I get $.02 to $.04  (if only 5 people visited only weekends, that would net me $25 per  year). And of course, if you buy, I get a percentage of your purchase  price. That way The Golden Carrot benefits, at NO COST TO YOU! In addition, GiveToCharity is a secure server who will accept credit  card donations - they take 15% - so if you donated $100 I would get  $85 - believe me, much better than nothing. REMEMBER, if you donate  this way, I dont receive the money for 90 DAYS. Im not ignoring you,  just dont know youve donated yet!

Carol has set  it all up to be easy to donate in a number of ways. Please take a  look. Since I achieved tax deductible status, I did think donations  would increase, but that has not been the case, in fact the contrary  has been true.HELP!

 If you like the  site - Carol does this as a business - call her or e-mail her if youd  like a proposal for your own web site. She's good, and I think this  site shows it.

Finally, in our  efforts to check out good horse web rings, I stumbled across a company  called LightForce Therapy. (See their Link on the Thanks page  and on the Links page - check them out!) As youll see, Kim Peterson,  president of LightForce, is going to donate one of their machines  to the Golden Carrot. In my own mind, after reading the instructional  materials, I liken this therapy to ultrasound, only its light rather  than sound. Their research results are impressive, and Im looking  forward to giving this therapy a try. If I get results that impress,  let me know if you want me to and Ill be providing the service to  other horse owners.


Since my last  letter, Im sorry to report that due to family difficulties, Michelle  Hughes and her three girls have moved back to North Carolina. They  may return, but until then, we miss them. The Lyons kids continued  to ride until the end of July, but then family commitments (among  them Shannons 12th birthday - Happy Birthday!) kept them busy, and  now soccer has begun, along with preparation for school. I do hope  to see them up here again - maybe on the holidays.

 I am currently  following up on a lead from Dr. Adrienne Moore to get in touch with  a local high school. Apparently as a class project, the kids are looking  to obtain horses from various sources, and find homes for them - including  follow-up etc. Im not sure exactly what will be involved - do they  need a place for the horse to live till they find it a home? Do they  need to go get or deliver the horses? Do they need to handle the horses  at all, and thus need to learn how? Ill find out and keep you posted.


 At this point  of the year, I have received donations of $1,200. At this rate, Im  getting $150 per month, for an annual total of $1,800. That is $200  less than last year. Additionally, it wouldnt be that high, except  for a generous one-time contribution from Ladyhawk's owner, and from  Susan Squires, who doesn't even have a horse here, and whom I've never  had the pleasure of meeting. In fact, three of the donors this year  are women I've never even met. Geeze guys. Whats wrong? Donors of  donations received to date:

Leslie Tripp
Diane  Salancy
Patricia Keliher
Donna Finley
Christine Day
Susan Squires
Dr. Lisa Najy

I'd also like  to acknowledge

Dr. Adrienne  Moore, who does a lot for me for which she doesnt charge, or for  which she gives me a reduced rate;

Paul Turner who gives me a discount on all shoeing;

Danny Moreno  and Dan Fooks, who always are able to give me great discounts  on great hay. I will keep you all posted on the progress of TGC.

I thank you all  for the donations received this year. Please feel free to call, e-mail  or write with any suggestions or comments you may have.

 Casey OConnor,
President - The Golden Carrot

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