The Golden Carrot - Horses - Mitey Nice

Mitey Nice

33 years old

15 hands Quarterhorse  Mare


Mitey  Nice - 33 year old, 15 hand dun quarterhorse mare, also bulldog style -  this lady is very strong and very much ‘in charge’ with the other horses.  She came to me from Beth Brewster of French Valley - Mitey was prone to kidney stones and showed an unwillingness to move forward which was too hard for Beth’s kids to handle. We have found her to be invaluable as Trilby was - patient, kind, bombproof.  She takes care of her little riders. She needs a special diet which includes less alfalfa, and the vinegar also contributes to her kidneystone-free condition. She’s gained a lot of weight and we have to cut her back - words she hates to hear!   Mitey, due to her excellent appetite, has foundered under my care, and she will be getting shoes for the first time this August 2002 to relieve the pressure in her little feet.

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