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Mike  Roth

Mike portrait

Mike makes his truck and trailer, and his assistance loading, available to me to obtain hay since no one will deliver here for a price I can afford. He also hauls off two trailer loads of manure for us every week, to locals with orchards and vegetable gardens. Each morning before he goes to work, he letís the horses out. When I have work obligations off property, Mike puts the horses back in their stalls at night and distributes the buckets I make for them.  Mike is also invaluable for setting new fence posts - I have a real hard time operating those post-hole diggers!

Mike contributed to the buildin of the horsesí stalls and paddocks along with myself, and my friends and volunteers. He's also the source of all my good hay suppliers and often is the man who finds good deals on lumber to help me keep costs down.

Finally, he's very good natured in leading the horses and helping the kids groom and tack up.

Chevy close-up

Mike working the Chevy

Mike  Roth, hay hauler and horse handler extraordinare, in TGCís 55 Chevy

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