The Golden Carrot - Horses - Ladyhawk


20+ years old

16 hands Thoroughbred  Mare

dark brown with  white blaze

Ladyhawk  - 16 hand Thoroughbred mare - dark brown with white blaze - approximately 20 years old. Poor Lady had an injury which caused at least partial  blindness in her right eye, and probably as a result of adjusting to that  she had a several injured areas, as well as a deformed forefoot. She seems  to also have a little ringbone in that deformed foot. The farrier has to work hard to keep her balanced.  h Dr. Moore had adjusted her and found her tight and suffering  from a shoulder and hips out of adjustment, as well as a left hind fetlock slightly swollen and out of whack. She moved better after her adjustment, but there isstill room for improvement; she used to stay by herself with her good side presented to the herd for safety, but now Prophet considers her ‘his’ property and he helps protect her blind side. She never lost weight - came a little underweight, gained and is now in good form. I find she works best under saddle, trusting in her rider - because of the vision difficulty.  She is very kind and easy to handle and responsive to her riders - and a great steadying influence on the trail for more excitable horses. 

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