The Golden Carrot - Horses - Josh


20 years old

16 hands Thoroughbred  gelding

dark brown

Josh  - 20 year old 16 hand thoroughbred gelding - dark brown. Joshie was the  much loved hunter of Leslie Tripp - one of my most consistent contributors.  Joshie is a mental kind of horse - he has great training and was a consistent  winner on the hunter circuit - but he's just a lonely little boy a heart  - he needs lots of fussing and love. He has bonded madly to Simply Red  - can't be separated from him without becoming hysterical. He has given lessons to Craig Lyons in 1999, and Fallon in 2001.    I think he  liked it - the attention, grooming, light exercise and lots of carrots.  Josh is riddled with arthritis and like Domino needs steady light exercise  to be comfortable. He was very OVERweight when he came to me and the stress  of a new environment dropped weight off him that I have not replaced -  he doesn't need to carry weight on those aching joints. He is responsive  to medication but resists taking it - whatever you do, don't change anything  on this guy - adding medicine, or vinegar (which he really likes when  he gets used to it again) or anything to his feed except carrots just makes him crazy. Josh is the only horse I have who needs emotional support  and can't seem to get enough from the herd situation. He's adjusted well  to the herd now, but his first 6 months were tough - and he really has  no use for any other horses except Red. But he is beautiful and now has  contributed with the children - he'll get what he needs as long as the Golden Carrot stays open.

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