The Golden Carrot - Horses - Joey


34 + years old

16.2 hands Thoroughbred  gelding

Bay with star  and one hind foot

Joey  - 34ish Thoroughbred gelding - 16.2 - bay with star, one white hind foot  - just a great all around horse. Joey is a great horse to pony from, with  the character to control the horse being ponied, and the training to do his job under the rider. He's a bit of a bully if you let him, but kind hearted and always the first horse to welcome newcomers. He was owned  by Karen Flood, and was diagnosed with navicular in his left fore. JHe hasn't  had an unsound day since he was retired to me, and still will go over two foot jumps with panache  - he knows his business and enjoys plenty of work. Joey also has a conformation  defect in the back end which causes a twist in his steps - means hes the only Golden Carrot horse who requires full shoeing - and every 8 weeks, his shoes are worn sharp enough to slice bread with!  Joey is the Man for both Inch and Joyful, apparently has a penchant for big redheads.

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