The Golden Carrot - Horses - Domino


16 years old

16 hands Thoroughbred  gelding

dark brown with  white hind socks and white blaze

Domino  with Shawnee

Domino  - 16 years old - 16 hand Thoroughbred - dark brown with white socks on  his hind legs and a huge white blaze. Poor darling Domino is riddled with  arthritis - particularly lame in his forelegs. He moves better with exercise,  but its hard to go through the first five minutes. I never ride him without 10 minutes of walk trot in the round pen - once his action frees up, I'll  get on and work him. He needs work probably 5 days a week - I give him  work probably 3 times a week. The new hotwalker is a god-send for him, enabling me to put him on it for 20 minutes of walking a day. He is inseparable from Shawnee, who moves  a lot keeping him going! Little Shannon Lyons has ridden Domino and  enjoyed it - maybe with a little rider he can soon do more of what he  enjoys - trail rides with Shawnee!

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