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Cuervo  conversing with Casey

Cuervo Gold

15 years old

15.2 Arab gelding

dark chestnut  with flaxen mane and tail

Cuervo  was owned by a party who endurance raced him - he badly bowed his tendon,  and after a month during which they left him in his stall, without even changing his bandage, they weren't willing to continue with the necessary  lay-up and therapy.  They asked the vet to kill him.

Shannon  riding Cuervo Gold with Mike leading

Luckily that vet talked them into giving Cuervo to him for recovery and placement. His assistant paid for his keep until she could  find him a home.  Cuervo arrived at  The Golden Carrot 2 months after his injury. The fungus which had developed under his leg wrap in the first month had almost cleared up but his  leg was still grossly swollen, and the rest of him was thin and without  any gleam of health.

Dr. Woods injected cortisone to bring down the swelling, had us put on shoes to support  the tendon, gel cast him for 72 hours and after a year's layup, this guy doesn't know he's ever been hurt.

 I'm sure he'd have  trouble with endurance riding, or jumping anything over 3 feet, but  up to that level, he's great! Easy to handle on the ground, a little excitable under saddle but gets better the more he's worked, like a  lot of Arabs.  He had a recent abscess in a rear hoof but has recovered enough to put me through my paces when I rode him last. What a brat!

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