The Golden Carrot - Horses - Bruhad


16 years old

15.3 hands Arabian  gelding


Bruhad  - 12 years old, 15.3 Arabian - bay -  Bruhad was 2 when I got him and Bobby Sox taught  him all he needed to know as a horse; John Garvey taught him to be a rideable  horse. Bru is still green and as usual for an Arabian, a little reactive.  The more help I get with the Golden Carrot, the more time I can devote  to putting miles on him, and then he can be a good children's horse too. In past years, Bruhad has developed ringbone which is still in its acute phase. A little work each week helps him a lot to be more comfortable.  Bruhad and Sara are friends and stablemates, and starting to look alike!

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