The Golden Carrot - Horses - Andy


30 + years old

16 hands gelding

dark red

Andy  with Orion

Andy - 20+ year old Morgan gelding - 16 hands - dark red - Another horse like Trilby who is worth his weight in gold. So calm, so forward, so strong. Andy had a history of being hard to keep - but I don't find that at all - again, hard to keep weight off him. In addition, two farriers have now told me they see signs of past founder in his feet.He has bonded to Orion and took Orry on his first trail ride, showing him the sights and keeping him calm. Andy has worked as a pony horse (with Mike riding and ponying the Lyons kids); as a riding horse (for Michelle Hughes), and as a general good guy. With past founder and a tendency to gain weight;  and arthritis as well as two episodes of colic this past year we have to keep an eye on him. He more than repays the attention he gets. Interestingly, his friend Orry saved his life on both colic episodes - calling and calling to me hours before we would have found Andy, saving him many hours of debilitating pain.

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