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Jet getting kisses from Kelli and a leg-wash from Fallon

Fallon riding Jet

Previously owned by Ann Brauchi of Phoenix, Jet is a 26+ year old Appendix gelding, whose past exploits are many. He has been a show horse and is trained in western and english disciplines.  His favorite work is being kissed and groomed by little girls, as this web site will show. But he is kind and well behaved and the one time I rode him on trails was forward and interested.  But Jet has a low back problem which pretty much eliminates his engine, interferes with his ability to sweat, and causes him to drip urine constantly, making him a real maintenance hassle. His sheath and rear legs have to be washed, disinfected and protected every couple of days.  In December, about 1 year after he came to the Golden Carrot, he sustained a knee injury, including a massive infection in the joint, and by the time it had healed, he had lost a couple of hundred pounds, and his knee is extremely stiff.  He is rebuilding from that trauma, and hopefully this summer will make a difference in this kind old campaigner.  Jet's favorite horses are Ladyhawk and Orion, and he loves peppermints.

Fallon and Kelli riding Jet

Fallon riding Jet

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