The Golden Carrot - Contributions

The Golden Carrot relies  entirely on donations and volunteers for its support.

Children  and community organizations can benefit from our programs, as we can maintain  access to healthy horses to work with and learn from.

The Golden  Carrot NEEDS your help, to allow us  to maintain our facility  and our community programs, and to preserve and protect the retired  horses. We always need money, but if you cannot donate cash, there  are plenty of other simple ways you to help - for instance, registering  with (yes, it can be that easy!)


For  more information about our donation methods, please select a subject:

Give Money

Various methods available, including using a secure  server, direct bank transfers, etc ....

Buy From Selected Vendors
Raintree Screenprint and others!

Volunteer Time

We need regular help!

Gift Certificates

Donate on behalf of someone else

Give Equipment

Old, secondhand, we don't care so long as it works!

Give Feed

Including treats such as carrots, apples, we even have  cookie donations!

Other Suggestions!

If you can think of any other way to help us, suggest  a way!


Make a link  to this page, and use it every time you want to buy from online vendors!

We are always happy to receive any money, in large or small amounts, just  once or regularly.
We've made it easy for you
. Choose any method below:

Send  us a check - Please use the address above. We will send you  a tax deductable receipt - and our thanks!

Direct  bank credit - fill out our form and send it to your bank. They  do the rest. To make a donation this way, you need to press the button  'bank credit' to print a donation form.

Prints a form you  can
send to your bank

Credit  card donation
This is so easy! We use a secure server. The tax receipt  will come from Guidestar, not from us. Please note that Guidestar takes  a small portion of your donation for processing fees. Find out more about  The Golden Carrot's status, with the option to make a donation through  Guidestar.

 guidestargraphic link

Guidestar  secure server for credit card donations

If  you cannot give money, consider any of these other ways to help:


It costs you nothing, but The Golden Carrot gains  commission with each sale.

 Use the Golden Carrot's links to specific books, and for  each purchase you make, donates up to 15% to us. Even if you  don't want a particular book, please use these links to get to the search  for other goods, as we still get a minimum of 5% on any purchase you make  via our site. links  page has a huge selection of online vendors waiting to give  commission to The Golden Carrot when you purchase through this link.

They only represents charitable groups that have requested their services  and they work closely with each of their partners. In order for The  Golden Carrot charity to receive these funds, you must always link through  to the store of your choice directly from this link - logo


Welcome to the new bigstar!

Save 30% on all VHS and DVD titles over $10 at! Preorder  DVDs for 40% off! It's never too early to get a jump on your Holiday  Gift List! Be sure to visit our great Holiday Gift Center. logo

free  movies!

Buy anything from and they will donate 5% of the proceeds  to The Golden Carrot.

 You can donate $2 to The Golden Carrot NOW, just by registering with - and it costs you NOTHING!

PLEASE NOTE - Once you have registered,  don't use the button to the right.

Instead load from here -> WWW.IGIVE.COM  or you can add it to your bookmarks and or load directly from your browser. mall logo  mall (registration)

Raintree Screenprint put logos onto tee shirts and the  like. They have good prices - and for Golden Carrot patrons, they  offer a free sweatshirt with any order if you mention us at the time.  They also send us a check for each order they get from our patrons.  You can contact them for more details with the email link, or press  the button to get info from their web site.

 Raintree Screenprint

email  Raintree Screenprint

PetPro bills itself  as the best place on the internet for pet & animal gifts, collectibles,  and unique items. This link takes you to their horse breed list page,  but they have an amazing array of other animal gifts too. will give The Golden Carrot 15% of all orders made through  this link: logo

Old equipment such as buckets, rakes and wheelbarrows in working condition,  hot walkers, feeders, saddle or bridle racks, and blankets, sheets, saddles  and tack; grooming equipment. Email us, or make a call, and tell us the  details.

We always need something doing - clearing stables, building fences, feeding  the horses ....and we can offer children's riding lessons in exchange.  Email us or call us to find out more.

Lumber, or stall equipment  such as chain clasps, roofing material, etc;

Feed of any sort, (including  alfalfa and grass hay, grain; Senior Feed, Psyllium, etc, either donated  directly or paid for at our local feed store (see below). Email us, or  call us, and let us know the details.

How about donating to us on behalf of a friend or loved one, or as a memorial  to someone who loved animals? Our local feed store can make this easy  for you to do, or contact us for more details.

41711 Ivy Street
Murrietta, CA   92562-9404
(909) 461-6993, Fax is (909) 461-6223

email  Casey O'Connor

email Casey  O'Connor at The Golden Carrot

Do you have any other ideas to help us? If you are  interested in what The Golden Carrot is doing, would like further  information, or would like to donate anything at all, please call or email  us today. Even if you are not able to donate anything at this time, please  pass this information on to anyone that you think may be interested. Wed  love to hear from you or your organization.

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