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FOUNDER: Bobby  Sox was the horse which first inspired Casey to start The Golden  Carrot. After a long history, he became Casey's ride, but needed  more attention as he aged. In July of 2001, Bobby Sox died at 42.  The oldest residents now are Inch, Joey and Trilby who've been here 6 years. There are now 21 horses at The  Golden Carrot.

COMPARISONS: Many of the horses were badly neglected before they were rescued. Here  are some 'before and after' photographs:

Above: This  is Cuervo, soon after arriving (left). He should really be called Lucky  because he was very thin. However, he soon recovered from being starved,  once he started on the nutritious diet he now receives here at The Golden  Carrot. He looks great now! (right).

Below: Simply Red looked simply thin when he arrived (left). With the proper  care, he soon began to glow, and is shown only 4 months later, fully recovered.  (right).

DISABILITIES: Many of the horses have disabilites which are manageable.

Sara - left hock -possibly broken.
Mitey Nice - tendency to kidney stones.
Ladyhawk - partially blind in right eye; damage to left forefoot  and left hindfoot; ringbone.
Domino - severe arthritis - forelegs.
Inch - ringbone, left fore.
Joey - navicular, left fore.
Cuervo - bowed tendon, left fore.
Orion - arthritis.
Simply Red - blown left suspensory.

Josh - severe arthritis.
PC - possible navicular left fore.
Trilby - severe ringbone, left fore.
Prophet had a little something going on his left shoulder which  an adjustment by Dr. Moore seems to have cleared up.

The rest of the horses are mostly just old and need to relax and enjoy  the last part of their lives

BONDINGS: After a lifetime of work, abuse, or both, the horses at The Golden  Carrot now have the luxury to choose their own best friends. Domino has bonded with Shawnee, Andy has bonded with Orion, Josh and Simply Red are inseparable, and there's a threesome of PC,Trilby and Malika. Joey shows a preference  for Sara and Inch.

 Josh (blinkered) and Simply Red

Ladyhawk and Jet

PC and Trilby

Cuervo and Mitey Nice

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