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September 26, 2002


The Golden Carrot


The Golden  Carrot is a sanctuary for manageably disabled, elderly, mistreated, and retired  horses and ponies. The
Golden Carrot began when a number of  horses were sent to Casey and needed a life.

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The Golden Carrot is also a resource or the community. Many of the horses thrive on gentle work. They offer a lifetime of education and seasoning. If you will do some chores, such as cleaning stalls, fixing fences, grooming,  and exercising the horses, Casey will give you riding lessons.

Organizations can benefit from our mission  to educate in all aspects of horsemanship, and to give  them valuable experience in caring for these beautiful animals.

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The Golden  Carrot is a non profit, 501(c)3 public benefit corporation which benefits from  tax exempt status. This means you may deduct your donation as a charitable  contribution

We now have 20 horses at The Golden Carrot,  so we cannot take in any new retirees at this time. We hear of people wanting horses all the time, so if your horse needs a new home, perhaps we can match you up. As we generate more donations we can increase the  activities at our unique ranch, and also take on more horses.

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What's YOUR pet charity?
Why not support The Golden Carrot? - It's worth  it!

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