AT&T Microwave Station
Dahlonega 2

Site Data

    Address:        142 Emory Stephens Road, Dahlonega, GA  30528

    Latitude:        34    31    52.080

    Longitude:     83    51    52.470

    Elevation:        1537'

FCC License Data

    Registration: # 1044138, GA# 192



   Site identification is really Dahlonega on the signs on the door and fence. This is also the identification on the other "Dahlonega". I have called this one Dahlonega 2 to distinguish it from the other major Dahlonega site. The American Tower name for it is "Dahlonega - Grid".
    It  has a 344' "A-style" steel tower, painted in the traditional red and white. Tower has a pair of KS horns, and two individual conical reflector horns, one of which points back to Dahlonega 1.
    The building is a concrete block building aproximately 25'x35'. Additionally on site are a generator enclosure and an outhouse.

History and Cold War Role

Present Function

    American Tower (apparently still microwave, as there are no buried cables evident on the grounds). Main microwave path unknown, although the path threads two mountains and points toward Greenville SC 87 miles ENE. The second conical horn points bout 10 degrees N of   the main path.

Microwave Path Map

 Image Gallery

Photographed July, 2003. Select images to view larger version.

Tower head
Building back
Typical foot
Building back
Generator detail

Oh, yes, one more. Apparently this is some kind of little radio shack, since it seems to be wireless.



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