AT&T Microwave Station
Dahlonega 1

Site Data

    Address:       6 miles E of  Dahlonega on SR 52 near the intersections with SR 115.  Rte. 52, Dahlonega,GA 30528

    Latitiude:       34    30    54.163
    Longitude:     83    53    47.316

    Elevation:         1456'

FCC License Data

    FCC reg. # 1023717

    Callsign    KRS93


    Site identification is really Dahlonega on the signs on the gate and fence. This is also the identification on the other "Dahlonega". I have called this one Dahlonega 1 to distinguish it from the other major Dahlonega site. The American Tower name for it is "Dahlonega - AT&T Acquisition". Dahlonega 2 exists to thread the path through the mountains. These sites are at the South end of the Appalachian Range and a few individual mountains are scattered in the area. Dahlonega was the entry point to the ring of microwave offices surrounding Atlanta some 60 miles south and the connection to points west.
    Medium height (242') standard "A-type" steel tower in red and white paint. 14 conical reflected horns (6 pairs and two individual) and one hooded parabolic dish. make a crowded tower (see image gallery)
    Precast concrete single story building with at least one story 14' below grade as evidenced by  the doors in  the two metal grated vaults adjacent to building. Also a steel hatch and vault in rear corner of compound - purpose unknown. Several underground cable routes (at least 3) leaving building and compound.

History and Cold War Role:


Present Function:

   Operated by American Tower, although the AT&T "Deathstar" was still on the door, and there were two AT&T vehicles parked behind the building. At least the microwave route to Dahlonega 2 about three miles ENE would be active.

Microwave Path Map

Image Gallery

Photographed July, 2003. Select images to view larger version.

Main building
Tower head
Tower base
E-W ?
Missing cover
Last mile
Tower view

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