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I am particularly proud of my photographs.
Here are my favorite of my photographs.
And these are  the ones I have taken most recently.
(The whole set with captions and comments)

Classically Educated at Shimer College, at that time in Mt. Carroll, Illinois. Alas, the passing of the railroads, and faculty unrest, brought it financial hardship and relocation to Waukegan in the North Chicago suburbs from what was one of the most beautiful small town campuses that could be. It has since relocated again, and today has become part of the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Despite that Liberal education, I have a tendency to be libertarian. I believe in the sovereignity of the individual. And I believe that those who believe that in nature man's life is "nasty, brutish, and short", underestimate the power of a group of men under color of government to make it nastier, more brutish and shorter. I honestly believe that stuff that used to be taught in our schools about the founding fathers of this country, and feel that no politician since then, save maybe Lincoln, has done anything to improve on our original plan. So, may I present my blog, Come Toward the Light.

My all expense paid trip to Vietnam courtesy of the U. S. Army. A work in progress, it starts, as it should, in Chapter 3; and ends before it is all over.  I also have this hastily published note I added to a newsgroup discussion about humorous basic training incidents.

My work was in a three person Psyop field team. When not in the field letting many people have their first look at an American up close, I lived in a hotel in Sa Déc and mostly ate Vietnamese food on the economy. (I never heard of Pho until I had been home nearly 20 years. Our soup was Hu Thieu)
Sa Déc was a (at that time small) town on the north branch of the Mekong River. I refer to my tour of duty as doing Vietnam on an expense account.

For those of you linking to this page on the word Vietnam, let me point you to some excellent sets of pages and photographs – I just found this one by an ex-Green Beret, and have had this one about  the 175th Aviation Company in Vietnam.  Be sure to go to the Appendices at the bottom of his page. They will lead you to the photos and maps of Vinh Long and the Mekong Delta.

Although I spent 20 years supporting myself working in movies and theatre,  it is like ancient history nowalmost like describing someone else's life. You will find my listing on . (Where that listing came from, how they selected which movies to list, and how to add the rest, I have no idea). I now work for the Gwinnett County (Georgia) Board of Education in the wonderful world of cable television, intercoms, and fire alarms.  

In 2005 I was sucessfully treated for throat cancer due to early detection and treatment. I urge everyone to report any unusual growth to your family doctor as soon as possible. You can find my contributions on, at, and at the wikipedia article on throat cancer. The photograph of the mask and the mask itself are mine. When time allows, I will chronicle some of my memories here.

And lastly, more info about, and pictures of the places of, my family and my childhood.

I welcome correspondence from friends I've lost track of over the years.

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