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Photo Album

Here are some candid photo's about our Great Danes,  George, Martha, and Woodford!

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George Martha Woodford
georgehead0210.jpg (13165 bytes) DSCF0360.JPG (72680 bytes) .DSC03030.JPG (863459 bytes)

George and Martha visit Santa at Petsmart in 2003


Here's some candid pictures of George:

George at 9 weeks! Look I can stack!

George at 9 Weeks! That glass tastes funny! Wanna play? George and Holly!
Tasty treats! Baby George! Yum! My toys! Big dog!
George sleeping on his back. Big dogs need big hogs! George_5456.jpg (21657 bytes) At the Fredricksburg Fun Match! Santa please bring me a big toy, I have been good, really!
Sleeping on my back! My favorite toys! At the fun match. Looking good but a little skinny! My friend Santa!
DSCF0143.JPG (73938 bytes) At the Fredricksburg Fun Match! DSCF0128.JPG (77745 bytes) DSC01187.JPG (149797 bytes)
Hi! George loves cats! I am very handsome! All the snow I can eat! George and Mom relax at the show!

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Here's some candid pictures of Martha:

DSCF0362.JPG (72862 bytes) DSCF0355.JPG (72469 bytes) DSCF0454.JPG (683395 bytes) DSCF0328.JPG (73573 bytes) DSCF0346.JPG (59413 bytes)
Shnoofing the yard with George! I like the big bed! Practicing for the Great Dane Olympics, Synchronized Sleeping competition. Mine, all mine! You gonna eat that?
DSCF0338.JPG (157529 bytes) DSCF0369.JPG (76991 bytes) DSCF0307.JPG (200633 bytes) DSCF0323.JPG (74407 bytes) DSCF0379.JPG (163251 bytes)
Let's go George! Peek! Ooh! What was that! Need any help? No tape!
martha0311b.jpg (33316 bytes) DSCF0410.JPG (75372 bytes) DSCF0414.JPG (672408 bytes) DSCF0322.JPG (73338 bytes)
Feed Me! Wag! Wag! Wag! Underdog! Learning to stack. Is this a big litter box? My first day home and they won't stop taking pictures!

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Here's some pictures of Woodford, the newest member of the family:

breefawnboy.jpg (34283 bytes) DSC03030.JPG (863459 bytes) DSC03044.JPG (147947 bytes) DSC03047.JPG (153169 bytes) DSC03037.JPG (914804 bytes)
Baby Woodford! Why walk when you can be carried! I am on my safe bed, nothing can get me here! I play hard and I sleep hard! Never too early to learn!
DSC03046.JPG (148654 bytes) 051508_09142.jpg (181515 bytes) DSC03041.JPG (696787 bytes)
Lapdog! Ready to go to my new home. I am too cute! (and I know it)

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