Euderma maculatum
Photo by Dick Wilkins, Bat Rescue

Spotted Bat

Euderma maculatum

Description: Body length of 4 1/4" to 4 1/2", wingspan about 14". Black fur on back, with two large white spots on shoulders, large white spot on rump, white fur below. Small white patch under each ear. Biggest ears of any North American bat, pale pinkish gray in color.

Range: Found in western North America, from British Columbia down into Mexico.

Habitat: Lives in desert scrub and open forest areas. Roosts in cliff faces and rock crevices.

Diet: Almost exclusively medium-sized moths, also beetles and caddisflies.

Behavior: Very rare bat, not much information is available. Solitary in nature, females bear one pup each year in the late spring.

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