Eptesicus fuscus
©Merlin D. Tuttle, Bat Conservation International

Big Brown Bat

Eptesicus fuscus

Description: Large (for an American bat). Body length of 4 1/8" to 5" with a 14" wingspan. Glossy fur, light to dark brown above, paler below. Small black ears.

Range: Found across most of U.S., up into Canada and as far down as South America.

Habitat: Usually found in forested regions. Roosts in tree hollows and under loose bark, in caves, mines, buildings.

Diet: Beetles, wasps, ants, flies, bugs and other flying insects.

Behavior: Emerges early in the evening to forage among the treetops. Reported to be the fastest bat with speeds up to 40mph. Migrates south or hibernates in caves, mines or buildings. Doesn't feed in winter, relying on stored fat. Forms nursery colonies of up to 300 or so animals, bears one or two young each year in the late spring.

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