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Offered FOR SALE:   "Spencer's Heart B Apolo" , Mammoth Tri-Color Jack.  Just turned three years old, Feb., 2005  . ACOSA SA-1757 & ADMS A-11938.   
Apolo has been collected and bred in hand.  He will have two mammoth donkey foals on the ground this year.  He will breed horses and donkeys in hand.  He does not have a problem being collected, but needs a bit more training to be collected without a live jennet in sight.
 His Dam is Sunrise Josette, a Jen Jack, Too Tall Jones daughter and Sire is Mister, out of Mirage, a third generation Black Bart, Seimon's Glen lineage.  This Jack is atheletic with a great attitude.  He is not lazy and will get up and go.  He will be an asset to your breeding program.  $ 6,500.00  Call or e-mail if you are  seriously interested. 

"Mister" Apolo's Sire
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"Josette" Apolo's Dam
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