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Odd Duck - Fall 2008
Christian Kiley: Playwright
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Brooklyn Publishers

Scripts available: "POUND", "Baggage", "Anatomy of a Funny Bone", "Odd Duck", "Phoebe's Phobia", "Box-head the Rustic", "I'm Not Keanu Reeves", "Unsung", "News Flash: A Meteor Is On A Collision Course With Central High School", "The Network" (COMING SOON)

Big Dog Plays

Scripts available: "Zero to Love in 6.5 Seconds" (with the one-acts: "P.M.", "New Parent Boot Camp", "Zero to Love in 6.5 Seconds"), "Another Golden Cow",
"Strings Attached", and "The Coffee Buzz".


Scripts available: The Art of Rejection (includes the one-acts "The Art of Rejection" and "Chaired"), "Virtual Family", "Discovering Rogue", "Chemo Girl and Other Plays" (Includes the plays:  "Red Rover", "Waiting Room", "The Other Room", and "Chemo Girl").

Scripts available:  "Creature Features"