Balseraph of the Media, The Demon...of...over..ACTING

Corporeal 3Strength 6Agility 6
Ethereal 4Intelligence 9Precision 7
Celestial 4Will 10Perception 6

Role: Kevin St. Paul (Acting Coach)/4, Status/4

Skills: Artistry (Writing)/2, Dodge/5, Emote/6, Fighting (Dramatic, Flashy Martial Arts)/2, Knowledge (Acting)/6, Large Weapon (Fencing Foil)/3, Savior/Faire/4

Songs:Attraction (Corporeal and Celestial)/4, Charm (Corporeal)/3, Light (Ethereal)/5, Motion (Corporeal)/2, Thunder/3

Attunements: Balseraph of the Media, Balseraph of Dark Humor, Knight of Influence, Captain of Swank, Demon...of...over...ACTING

Demon...of...over..ACTING: Somewhat limited in usage, but still put to great effect. Wishlat must spend 3 Essence at a performance given by one of his students that takes place in front of an audience of 50 or more. On a successful roll against Will, the audience will be spellbound by the performer. Reviews will be favorable, the crowd will be adoring fans, and that performance will always be remembered as the defining moment when an actor "Made it big."

Yes, you heard the name of his Word correctly. And unless you are a Knight or Higher, you *damn* well better pronounce it that way you just heard it.

Wishlat was just the average Balseraph of the Media with the usual dreams of power, adoration, money, pet Lilim, etc., etc. When he finally got the Big Break from Nybbas, he found himself on Earth as an acting coach.

This may sound a bit unusual to those who have some knowledge about the Media. Sending a demon to coach a bunch of talking monkeys on performing seems almost a punishment detail. Wishlat, however, took to it with a passion. HE would be noticed in this job. HE would send new talent into the bloody feeding pool that is The Media! HE would...over..COME!

His strategy was simple. And God help everyone, it worked. In every class, he had at least one person that had acting talent that was equivalent to a rock. This person would earn the Balseraph's attention. Wishlat would work his Resonance on him, pushing hard to prove conclusively that he was truly a gifted actor.

And given the average personality of people that choose the acting profession, Wishlat didn't even need to push them that hard. It was more of a gentle forward pressure applied between the shoulder blades.

Ever since then, the ranks of actors on screen and stage were growing with the people that studied at the St. Paul Institute of Theatrical Arts. They are flamboyant, loud, obnoxious and they overact (Excuse me; I mean over...ACT). And the crowds love them. Comedians love to lampoon them, which increases their fame. Entertainment reporters flock to them and the open loathing of the critics drive up the ticket sales.

Somewhere in the middle of all of it, Wishlat earned the attention of Nybbas and Kobal at the same time. This kind of attention focused on one demon ends one of two ways. Luckily for Wishlat, it was the good kind. The Demon Princes invited Lucifer to a performance of one of Wishlat's students where the Balseraph was in attendance. The sight of Wishlat encouraging the crowd to adore the hack on stage convinced the First Balseraph that a promotion was warranted. He went backstage and congratulated Wishlat with his Word.

Recognition from Lucifer has only reinforced Wishlat's image of himself. He *knew* that he was special above all other Servitors of the Media. His rapid rise to power only proves it! And ever since, his acting school has been filled with young hopefuls that the demon cheerfully offers up as a sacrifice to the masses.

In case it wasn't obvious enough, the word "modest" was burned out of Wishlat's dictionary long before he came to Earth. He is arrogant, secure in his belief of superiority, and every bit of praise towards him is treated as something that is owed to him. Most other demons of The Media prefer to keep their distance from Wishlat and deal with him only when he has a new actor to promote.