Malakite of Flowers
Master of Peace
The Angel of Thorns
Corporeal 6Strength 12Agility 12
Ethereal 5Intelligence 7Precision 9
Celestial 6Will 12Perception 12

Word Forces: 8

Vessel (Middle aged male)/3, Charisma +2

Skills: Dodge/5, Demolition/4, Fighting/6, Knowledge (Herbalism/6, Philosophy/3), Large Weapon/5 (Spear),  Medicine/5, Move Silently/5, Ranged Weapon (Rifle)/4, Small weapon (Knife)/5, Throwing/4

Songs: Banishing (Celestial/4), Harmony (Ethereal/4), Healing (All/6), Motion (Celestial/3), Shields (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/2, Celestial/3), Tongues (Corporeal/3)

Attunements: Seraphim of Novalis, Malakite of Novalis, Mercurian of Novalis, Malakite of Destiny, Nothing But Flowers, Vassal of Flowers, Friend of the Gardeners, Master of Peace, Angel of Thorns

Angel of Thorns:  Once per day, with the expenditure of three Essence, Shemeriel will cause double damage with any blow that is unsuccessfully resisted.  If a Divine Intervention is rolled, he does triple damage. This remains in effect against one opponent for the duration of one battle.

Never suffer an evil to live if it is my choice
Never allow myself to be captured by the forces of Hell
Use violence only when all other options have been exhausted or when there is no other choice
I will ensure the safety of the wounded and the non combatants in a fight
Accept an honorable surrender from an enemy the first time only

    Amongst some in the Host, he is known as "The Scourge of Flowers."  Among demons, he is called "Novalis' Assassin." Not many say either name to his face though; he may be one of Novalis' Servitors, but he's not a stranger to violent action.

Shemeriel was a Mercurian in Novalis' service, created a few centuries before the Fall.  He was a healer and took great pride in what he learned.  The Fall came as a horrid shock to him. The thought that war would break out in Heaven was almost unbearable but he would not join the fighting that gripped the city. Instead, he led several Flower Angels into battle to tend to the wounded of both sides.

While trying to heal an Elohite of Michael's, Shemeriel was confronted by a Seraph that he loved dearly. She had joined the rebels and tried to get him to do the same. The loss of his beloved, the murder of the Elohite and the sense of betrayal finally caused something inside the Mercurian to snap. He grabbed the Michaelite's spear and slew the Seraph and her companions as his body and wings blackened. His murderous rage carried him into some of the worst fighting and he refused to stop until the battle was over.

When the last demon had been thrown out of Heaven, he made his way back to the Glades and resumed tending the wounded. Shemeriel was one of the first of Novalis' Blackwings and like the few others, they took it upon themselves to be warriors of last resort. He earned the Word of Thorns at the close of the Fourth Century, and took his place as Novalis' highest ranking (And first Word Bound) Malakite.

While in Heaven, Shemeriel is tasked with teaching healing Songs, herbalism and medicine for any angel that is going to be assigned to such a Role on Earth (He will teach anyone regardless of who they serve). He is also responsible for teaching Novalis' Malakim how to fight. Normally, the Servitors of Flowers are sent to the Groves for such lessons, but Shemeriel feels responsibility for the young Virtues in service to Flowers. He teaches them restraint and that use of violence may carry a price.

On Earth, Shemeriel's duty is to be sent to areas where the time for violent action against demons has come, but Novalis wishes the collateral damage to be kept down. He is usually sent in areas where there is a high concentration of Servitors of Flowers. Although he will still attempt to find more peaceful solutions (He does serve Novalis after all),Shemeriel is not squeamish about killing demons. And he doesn't feel the need to get that close to him; he knows how to use a sniper rifle, make a bomb, and has a great deal of knowledge about what plants are used to stop the life of a vessel. But if he needs to close in, he will use his spear or simply rip the Celestial form apart.

In spite of his ferocious reputation, he is just as friendly and approachable as other Flower angels. He is a warrior that is not casual about killing or prone to bragging of his battles. In fact, it is a point of pride to Shemeriel that he has lost count of the demons that he has Redeemed rather than the ones he has soul killed.