Observations, commentary and pointers from six years in the Marines

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In April of 1998, I joined the Marine Corps Reserves. I reported for Recruit Training at MCRD San Diego and spent three months undergoing the toughest training that the US Military has to offer. At the age of twenty-seven, I was older than almost all of the other recruits and my Drill Instructors. There were times that I despaired of getting through and there were even more times that I questioned myself.

But on August 7th, I was on the parade deck with my Platoon. I had earned the title of Marine and began a six-year contract. This page is a collection of my memories and observations that I have picked up on within my time in the Corps.

The stories are true even if some people might find them hard to believe. I have censored nothing with these stories and have attempted to save as many memories as I could. And I have also gathered humorous quotes from Drill weekends.

Crack Pipe: Learning how to keep a straight face and failing.
The Big Scare: Face to face with mortality.
Rifle Range: Tales of hitting the target at long range.
Office Hours: Where an unfortunate recruit meets with consequences
The Crucible Facing the hardest challenge of training.
Liberty I meet up with my family as a newly born Marine.
Graduation What more need be said?