To: All field agents
From: Cabalrakis, Impudite Knight of The Game
Fellow Servitors of The Game,

I have recently been promoted to the position of Senior Level Administrator of Field Agent Reports, a position that became abruptly vacant at the departure of Morgethron, Djinn of The Game. I would like to take this time to recognize the swiftness with which the Gremlin clean up crew removed what was left of her after her exit interview with our Dread Prince.

With that being said, I am taking steps to address the rather lax standards that have been considered acceptable with field agents in report filings. Although these may seem trivial, this will go a long way towards accuracy and efficiency in our system.

1. Please avoid unnecessary details within your reports. For instance, "The Cherub decapitated the Djinn" is acceptable. "The Cherub decapitated the Djinn and played soccer with the head" is unnecessary unless said soccer game caused an additional tactical victory to Heaven.

2. Keeping the names of your Soldiers, servants, and contacts a secret is acceptable as long as your superiors have access to these records when required (Field Operative Guide, Page 6, Paragraph 6, Line Item 6).
However, I must ask agents to refrain from some of the more...colorful terms in human languages. It is very difficult to maintain a professional environment when you are having to read off reports about informants with sexually explicit code names.

3. Finally, the fax to this office is only for receiving reports when normal channels are unsafe. Offers for "Free Lilim Porn" and cartoons that depict certain Demon Princes in humorous situations clog up the fax and waste valuable time. Not only that, but the fax phone number and agent ID *are* included with every transmission. You have been warned.

I feel that these procedures, while cumbersome at first, will make the filing system far more effective. Thank you for your cooperation or my condolences for your lack of it, whichever is appropriate.