Proper terms for reporting groups of Celestials
Cabalrakis, Impudite Servitor of The Game
As many of you know, Servitors of the Game are responsible for keeping tabs on the enemy that our Earthly Agents encounter. As of late, I have noticed a rather lax enforcement on the rules of reporting on groups of Celestials. Of course the fact that a lot of these reports arrive with bloodstains on them from encountering Angels is the subject of another report that a colleague already has filed.
For your benefit, I have enclosed the following terms that would be appropriate in reporting more than one of a particular kind of Celestial.

An Honesty of Seraphim
A Defense of Cherubim
A Blur of Ofanim (Granted with how fast they move it's hard to tell if there is more than one in the area. Allowances will be made for this.)
A Neutral of Elohim
An Ohshit of Malakim (A point of clarification: "Ohshit" seems to be the most commonly heard phrase when a Demon encounters a lone Malakite so the term can be used singularly or in reference to a group.)
A Multiple of Kyriotates (This term can be used singularly as well)
A Hug of Mercurians

A Deception of Balseraph
An Apathy of Djinn (Not that they really care one way or the other)
An Explosion of Calabim (Definitely usable in singular)
A Neutral of Habbalah (They still think they're Angels. This makes it easier for all concerned)
A Bondage of Lillim (I heard this one from a Servitor of Andraelphus. Seems to work)
A Nefarious of Shedim
A Feeding of Impudites