Angels of Stone view drug and alcohol addiction very poorly. They see it as a type of weakness: the kind of weakness that they take grim pleasure in purging. Within the past few years, two angels of David's have taken a very direct approach to this problem.

Peter and Zuriel are, respectively, a Mercurian and a Cherub of Stone who work with some of the worst cases of addiction. The people who are sent to them are close to death or jail for their problems. The two angels combine counseling and a brutal physical regime that is the trademark of Stone. They accept no excuses or compromises from their patients; nothing other than rehabilitation will work with these angels. In return for their patient's struggles, the two angels make sure that the area where they live is safe for them to return to and that they have a job when they are released.

They have built up a good reputation with local law enforcement as well as many judges. It has become known that when someone gets sent to the program, that person is going to be clean and sober within six months at the latest. They boast a very low recidivism rate, although that can be attributed to the Soldiers of Stone that follow up on reports that their charges have slipped back into old habits.

This program has earned Peter and Zuriel the enmity of the local demons of Drugs and Gluttony. The drug trade is getting hit hard (literally and figuratively on account of the Soldiers that work with the two Stone angels) and the drop in alcohol consumption is not furthering Haagenti's Word. But since the two angels of Stone aren't using Essence or Songs to help heal people, the demons are unaware of the nature of the opposition. Both Peter and Zuriel would prefer keeping their natures a secret, but would happily teach any demon that gets too close a painful and final lesson.