My Pets

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As long as I remember, I've always had pets where I lived. It's one of the few constants in my life and I enjoy keeping the tradition going. Since we live in a townhouse and had been renting for a few years, we were kind of limited in what we could have but we have been lucky with the ones who adopted us.

Pumpkin was roaming the neighborhood of Amanda's mother's house. I affectionately refer to her as a Tabbycalitort in recognition of her various colors while Amanda says that she got into a fight in a paint factory when she was a kitten. We have no idea if she was thrown out of her original house or took off on her own. She quickly took over the house but we had to take her since she didn't get along with the other three cats in the house. It was tough going for her when she moved in with us. She was scared of her new environment, timid around people and terrified of the rabbits that she had to share her new home with. But she's adapted to living with us and has taken over in true cat fashion.

Over on Amanda's page, she covers Petunia and Bellini, our two rescue rabbits. They have their own section of basement and rule the home with an iron paw.

But as you can see, they appreciate relaxation as well.

And finally, there is Zeke, the resident Betta fish. He moved in shortly after the untimely death of his predecessor Bloop. We took to heart the lessons we learned from his passing and made a more compatible environment.

Picture of Zeke here.