The Soldier was hunched over his desk as he entered transaction records in his ledgers. The demons of Greed had been sloppy with their bookkeeping and he was going to make sure that everything was in order. Luckily, he managed to force them into paying half up front; these books were going to take a lot of work to pass all but the strictest of audits.

His door creaked open and he looked over his shoulder in irritation. "I told you that I was not to be disturbed!" He stood up to face the man who walked in. "Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow!"

The anger that was building up in him died quickly as he saw the man standing there. His features were nondescript; his clothing was plain and unremarkable. The man's eyes were the most frightening part though; they were flat and expressionless.

"Wh..what do you want?"

The intruder's answer was to pull out a gun. Before the Soldier could protest, four rounds slammed into his body. The closely grouped rounds tore a path of ruin through his chest cavity. The pain was so overwhelming that he was unable to even cry out from it. The last thing he heard was the man's voice over the buzzing in his head.

"For you to answer for your crimes, Derek. I'm simply here to arrange that meeting."

The man placed a latex covered finger on Derek's neck. When he was certain that the man was dead, he stood up and put his pistol on safe. He pulled out a cell phone as he headed towards the door, ignoring the unconscious body close to the entryway.

"The problem has been dealt with, your Honor. Please insure that one of our policemen is the first on the scene and that he takes the secretary's statement. She is innocent and can go free." The man tugged his coat a little closer and headed out to the street just as the rain began to fall.

When a Soldier defects to Hell, the loss is felt more strongly among the Host than the loss of an angel. So few Soldiers are recruited to fight for Heaven that the humans who do serve are cherished. And when they turn to Hell, it can cause a great deal of damage to many covert operations that the Host attempts to run. Soldiers of God take this threat very seriously and they have an effective tool for dealing with this.

They are called the Justiciars. Handpicked amongst the ranks of Dominic's human servants, Justiciars are charged with carrying out death sentences against defectors among the ranks of Soldiers of God. They operate quietly and swiftly, preferring to use weapons instead of Songs to kill their targets. Should they come across evidence of mitigating circumstances or something that would exonerate their chosen target, they have the authority to bring them before Servitors of Judgment to clear their name.

Selecting a Soldier to become a Justiciar takes about a year and is typically done without his knowledge. First, the psychological health of the candidate is closely examined. It's one thing to find someone willing to get into a pitched battle with the forces of Hell. Finding a Soldier that is willing and able to execute another human being in cold blood merely on the word of an angel is another matter altogether.

When a Justiciar candidate is selected, the Soldier is trained extensively in their new duties before being returned to their normal post. They continue in whatever job they held before undergoing training and wait for their services to be needed. The angels of Judgment are cautious about calling on a Justiciar and there are safeguards in place that have prevented Hell from learning their identities or sending out false orders. A group of Dominic's Elohim monitor the Justiciars closely for potential trouble. Those who are feeling strong feelings of guilt about their work or who begin to enjoy it too much are removed from their post quickly.

The Justiciars themselves see what they do as a sadly necessary part of serving God. They do not carry out their duties for glory but to punish Soldiers that betray Heaven. It is a difficult road for them but they carry their burden without complaint.