Remnant, Former Lilim of Dark Humor

A newborn Lilim can be a bit naive in matters of the world. Sure, they can be pretty and powerful but sometimes they get themselves into situations that can be very dangerous (Ogling a Malakite for instance). Most come out of it with a few scars and a bit wiser. But sometimes they get destroyed or, in Zoe's case, become Remnants.

Very little is known about Zoe. She just appeared in New Jersey with a car that was running on empty and the keys locked inside. As if that wasn't enough, she was trampled by a group of people playing bikini frisbee deathmatch (Don't ask) and was beaten up by a psychotic knife wielding bunny. As soon as she healed, she settled into an apartment and started life as a college student.

This doesn't mean that life was easier for her. The people she shared the apartment building with were a mad scientist type that was constantly testing the limits of the apartment walls, a nice (if somewhat geeky) web designer who lived with the rabbit that beat the hell out of her in the first place, and a carnivorous alien. Not only that, but her mom keeps calling up all the time, frantic with worry and wondering where she is. Zoe's been forced to change her number several times to keep her at bay.

Her appearance is typical Lilim; Beautiful, non threatening and tends to dress in things that get attention (Although it can be argued that no matter what she wears, she will get attention). She doesn't even have vague memories of being a Tempter; as far as she knows, she's just a normal college student trying to live a normal life while surrounded by chaos.

*sigh* Now if she could just get her grades up a bit more....

Lilith is beside herself on this. Zoe was barely on Earth for a few hours before her Celestial nature was ripped away from her and she wandered off in the car that Kobal had given her. She can't track her, the Geases are wiped away and Zoe keeps changing her phone number. She only has a general idea where she is but isn't about to tear New Jersey apart to look for her. All she can do is wait and hope that her daughter is doing well.

While Zoe is adapting well for a Remnant, she seems to be cursed with a level of misfortune which seems to be appropriate for one of Kobal's Servitors. If vampires are in the area, they try to get her. If zombies are on the loose, it's her door they barge down. Add all of this to failing grades in school and the stress of trying to keep a roof over her head and it's no wonder she comes across as a bit frazzled.