Created by Charles Glasgow

OK, everybody here who immediately thinks "Renegade Calabite" whenever they think of Bun-Bun, raise their hand. *nods* Thought so. You are all *so* wrong. Bun-Bun is most definitely not your average angel -- a personality that selfishly unpleasant isn't found on the angelic side, and Bun-Bun most definitely lives to wreck things. But Bun-Bun is no Calabite... although he could be, if he could actually be bothered to figure out which directions he might want to Fall in. (Gluttony? Lust? The War? Some days, he just can't figure out which conflicting impulse is the biggest. Besides, if he Fell, he'd actually have to work for a living again. Naah, he'd much rather just stay the way he is.)

He's an Outcast Ofanite of War. Now, Bun-Bun is hardly unsuitable to War re: combat ability. He's taken on *Legion* (come on, who *else* could "K'z'K The Vowelless One" be? Those 'one mass mind animating the entire horde of zombies' scenes are dead giveaways.) and walked away. He rips apart mecha and slaughters killer androids. He can pick up and throw a mastodon through a brick wall and has stripped a great white shark down to its skeleton in under a second. Even in his rabbit Vessel (the only vessel he has, due to a slight misunderstanding with an Archangel or two), Bun-Bun is still a force of destruction that would make a Distincted Calabite turn green with envy. He's also selfish, lazy, gluttonous, arrogant, almost sociopathically brutal, and a total pain in the [butt] to live with. And contrary to Judgement stereotypes, this is not behavior accepted in the Groves.

The final straw that got him kicked out of Heaven was when he tricked Laurence into picking up his switchblade knife (to use as a letter opener), and then nicked his now Relic-empowered knife back and proceeded to go a-rampaging. Not that that by itself was an Outcasting offense, but when you combine it with his past talent for making every single one of his co-workers and Superiors loathe him, it managed to get him finally declared Officially Over The Line. Binding him into a rabbit vessel was just icing on the cake.

Of course, nobody ever *intended* him to go anywhere near Jean's latest project, but Bun-Bun never did care what anybody else thought. Besides, this "Torg" guy is an easy mark, and no way is Bun-Bun going to give up a soft berth. Getting caught and stuck in that Vaputech animal research lab was bad enough, even if it was fun randomly torturing and maiming some of Vapula's Soldiers... Now if only he could figure out how to get a decent night's TV-watching, sleeping, and eating in without some bleeping demon or vampire or robot or alien interrupting him.