At first, Jean was annoyed (At least, as annoyed as he can get). A small apartment out in New Jersey was sending out Symphonic disturbances like he had never seen. Portals to Hell were opening and an incredibly high level of tech could be seen being OPENLY used! This would not do. The Archangel of Lightning sent out an email to a squad of Malakim with the order to cleanse the area of the demons that lived there in a very permanent manner.

Within three hours, the report came back from the field. There were no demons at all. The entire disturbance was actually caused by a human who had managed to create some incredible inventions with no outside help. Jean frowned in puzzlement. He couldn't kill a human who was figuring things like this out on his own But some of the things he was doing were potentially dangerous to the area. And (He admitted with a grumble) a lot of those inventions were almost exactly like the kind of weapons the Archangel of War had been trying to get his hands on. After some quick calculations he decided to let the human live. But he was going to keep an eye on him. Preferably at a very far distance.

Soldier of Jean

Riff has always had a fascination with how things work. Gadgets, computers, weapons, you name it; If it had moving parts he wanted to know about it. Then he wanted to build them, usually with some "improvements" which were a danger to life, limb and the neighborhood.

From his little apartment out in New Jersey, he has managed to assemble a wide variety of weaponry for home and vehicular use, combat robots to protect his laundry (Someone had been stealing his socks), and various inventions that tend to destroy things at random (He gets very annoyed when people remind him of the electric bottle opener fiasco). But he remains quietly determined that THIS time, things won't go up in smoke.

The knowledge of the supernatural didn't really come as too much of a shock to him. Not really much can shock or disturb Riff at all in fact. When there were some vampires terrorizing the neighborhood, he simply came up with different types of weapons and went about destroying them.

Riff appears to be a twenty-something slacker with long blonde hair that's always in a ponytail and sunglasses that never leave his face. His long trench coat stores an arsenal (He's actually managed to figure out how to store things in an extra dimensional space that he linked to the pockets inside the coat) and he is not the least bit hesitant to open fire on demonic opposition.

As a person, he is calm and collected. When his inventions go awry (As they often will), the only reaction this gets out of him is "Let me check my notes." The only things that really get any emotional reaction from him are robots of the combat variety and when his mother comes to visit. The first one triggers a reaction somewhere between scientific curiosity and lust (The I-have-to-build-one-of-THOSE kind of lust) and the other brings on a feeling of terror.

He's not truly an active Soldier in the War though; He just happened to be born with an extra Force and uses it to great advantage. All he cares about are his friends and trying to work the kinks out of his latest creation (After the fire department leaves).

Reliever of Jean, Servant of Riff

Kiki was born in the Halls of Progress and was the cause of many headaches amongst the angels there. It's not that she's malicious or intentionally destructive; it's just that she wants to know how things work and likes to push all the buttons in the area to figure it out.

When two labs were blown up within seconds of each other, Jean knew that he had to send the little Reliever to Earth before everything was leveled. The human known as Riff gave the Archangel an idea. Kiki would be sent down as a pet ferret. She would keep an eye on him and report on his inventions. Kiki happily accepted the assignment (after she stopped trying to attack Jean's shoelaces) and bounced down to Earth.

Unfortunately, she got lost on the way down. Darn, but these people make some great shiny things!

Kiki ended up in a Vaputech lab as a test subject. The lab crew had no idea that they had a Reliever in their possession and they simply treated her as any other animal. When she was broken out, she became attached to a human named Sam. By sheer luck, Sam was Riff's next door neighbor. Jean groaned in frustration and tried to make the best of the situation.

Then Kiki was kicked out of Sam's apartment (Long story and none of it her fault). Riff took pity on the little creature who had nowhere else to live and adopted her as his pet. Ever since, she watches his projects, plays with her toys, and occasionally files a report (They are quite chewed on, but Jean quietly accepts this).

Kiki's vessel is a brown and black ferret. Like the animal she is patterned after, she is happy, hyper and incredibly curious around anything shiny. This tends to wreak havoc on Riff's inventions but she's managed to avoid causing catastrophic damage. Kiki treats everyone as a friend and playmate and always tries to encourage people to "Stay good!" Were she to gain enough Forces to fledge as an angel, she would more than likely be an Ofanim or a Mercurian. But she's very happy being Riff's pet; he treats her nicely and she gets too see pretty things that make noise and smoke.