Published by Steve Jackson Games, In Nomine puts you in the world of the Celestials. You take on the role of an Angel fighting to help save Humanity,as a Demon trying to damn them or as an Outcast Angel or Renegade Demon that is fighting to survive. Although you are a powerful Celestial being, your character is little more than a pawn for the Superiors: The Archangels and Demon Princes that are the generals in a war that has been raging for centuries.

Steve Jackson Games The main site for In Nomine. Contains links to other pages, articles on the game, and a product listing.

World Weavers This site is for an In Nomine PBEM (Play by Email) campaign set in several cities. This is ideal for those people who do not have a group of people in their area to game with. It also offers a phenomenal guide for those who have never played the game before.

The celestials. A brief outline on the types of beings that are within In Nomine.

Personal Campaign

The Daydream Deepens Still. An In Nomine PBEM campaign. Game logs and storyline to be posted here.

Soldiers and Saints

The Forgiven. A group of Soldiers of God that were formerly Hellsworn.
James, Saint of War A Saint who reminds the Host that humans are more than cannon fodder.
Soldiers of Stone Not the normal group you would expect.
The Justiciars Heaven's mortal agents against traitor Soldiers.
The Hollowers. Unwilling agents of Hell.


Iphedeiah the Redeemer
Bedeul, the Angel of Geeks
Laharoi, the Angel of Snipers
Maguel, the Angel of Relaxation
Nethinimis, the Angel of Pets
Shannon, Malakite of Creation
Shemeriel, the Angel of Thorns
Recovery Road Sometimes, angelic help is very silent.
Triad 2016. Dominic's weapon against Galsiph.


Elpaaliah, the Demon of Hard Work
Galsiph, the Demon of False Witness
Wishlat, the Demon...of..over..ACTING Now you know why some stars make it big.
The Hyacinth Brotherhood A demonic organization that hunts the forces of Heaven.

Ethereal Spirits
Harry Potter. Oh come now. You knew that it was only a matter of time before this Ethereal was born.
Barbie, Ethereal Spirit. Just take the negative press about Barbie and multiply it by ten.
Mr. Black. An adventure in the Marches to save a young boy.

Artifacts, humor and miscellaneous ideas

Bears of Comfort, Bears of Concrete You will never look at teddy bears the same way again.
The Trout of Truth Because sometimes, you need to have the obvious beat you over the head.
How to report Celestials. An Impudite of the Game provides an easy reference guide.
Accuracy in reporting The much maligned Cabalrakis files a new procedure for Agents of The Game.
Trick or Treat in Hell Inspired by Beth of the IN List and her daughter Iolanthe, the Demon Princess of Cute.
Demon of Hackers Or more accurately: Why there isn't one.
Tuning Symphonic Instruments How to effectively Redeem a new angel.
In Nomine Sluggy A bit of silliness I came up with for the In Nomine List. Contains write ups for Riff and Kiki, Bun Bun, Zoe, and Oasis
Celestial Kindergarten A teacher's report card on Celestials.


Truth of God. In Nomine Fiction set during the Final Battle, using the Bright Victory campaign setting.
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Amanda's Gaming Fiction Page Good reading from my favorite co-author.

Main Page

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