Ethereal Spirits have the distressing ability to simply pop up spontaneously without rhyme or reason. This is a big source of irritation to the Tsayadim, who are doing their best to keep their population down to non-existent.

But those humans just keep coming up with new ones almost daily it seems.

It all started innocently enough. A poor single mother, living on welfare in the UK and doing everything she could to keep her daughter fed. To entertain her, she read the little girl stories at night that she made up. It might have ended there, but the woman began to quietly flesh the stories out even more. She began sitting in a local cafe with a notebook and wrote out a fantastic tale of magic and heroism. With nothing to lose, she submitted the story to a publisher and hoped for the best.

As luck would have it, a Servitor of Yves was working the desk at the time the manuscript was sent in. It was about to be filed away and forgotten when he decided to sit down on his lunch break and read it.

The angel ended up taking a longer break than he expected. The book was incredible. He decided that he was going to get this one published and God help the poor fools who tried to get in the way!

Within a couple of months, the world learned of the name JK Rowling and the tales of Harry Potter.

There was precious little notice at first; she was the author of children's books and could hardly be taken seriously by true writers.

When The Sorcerer's Stone shot to the top of the best seller list, people began to take her seriously.

Heaven had rather mixed feelings about this. The children were captivated by this story and it reeked of Infernal influence. After all, it created a new Ethereal spirit so quickly and told tales of Sorcery. Laurence was ready to dispatch a group of angels to remove the author and her influence when Yves himself barged into his office. He made it very clear that the woman was not to be harmed and that she was not under Diabolical control. Even the Lord Commander of the Host knew better than to argue the issue with the Archangel of Destiny.

In Hell, there was a great deal of outrage amongst the demons of Media. A noticeable drop in television watching and video game playing amongst the children was cutting into profits. Nybbas was furious. This..this...person had the *GALL* to write a book and keep children away from the important things in life like the latest Pokemon episode?!? It was time to discredit her and it had to be done NOW!

Almost overnight, "Concerned Parent Groups" were trying to get people to stop buying the books, citing the "Satanic Influence" amongst the kids and going so far as to quote the Bible (Laurence's rage at that last bit was so great that the various angels who were seeking an audience that day decided to be elsewhere for a while). To the dismay of the Servitors of the Media, they had no luck in swaying people to their side. And as if that wasn't bad enough, a movie is being made on this story and the author hasn't been swayed to the Infernal side by any of the sudden fame and riches.

And on the Ethereal side, a spirit by the name of Harry Potter was born in the chaos of all of this. He's quite innocent but growing in power as quickly as his counterpart in the book. However, he has no desire to be worshipped and he loathes demons in general. Heaven is keeping an eye on him to make sure that he doesn't become a danger, but so far they have not had any reason to act against him.

In the meantime, Blandine has taken a liking to Harry because of dreams that children have about his adventures. She's gone so far as to have a pair of Cherubim look after him (Harry thinks that it's Dumbledore and Hagrid, so he feels comfortable around him), Christopher has given VERY strict instructions to his angels that Harry is not to be harmed.

And back on Earth, JK Rowling continues to write her books, bring delight to children and continue on to her Destiny.