My Family

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First and most important to me is my wife Amanda. We had met online back around 96 and had kept in touch by way of letters, emails and phone calls after I got out of Boot Camp. Now, fast-forward a couple of years to 1999. I had decided that a small trip was in order to get away from my job and Amanda offered for me to come out. Things clicked between us a lot better than either of us anticipated.

Yeah, we make a damn cute couple. Deal with it.

At the time, I was living in California with my brother in a job that was going absolutely nowhere. I was unhappy with my job situation and I figured that it was time for a change. So I packed up everything I could, bought a one-way ticket to Maryland and moved out in November of 1999.

It was in July of 2000 that Amanda and I became officially engaged. The wedding planning took longer than I had anticipated but once we both got started, things came together very quickly. The big challenge was the fact that we had decided early on that we were going to pay for everything on our own. But we refused to let that get in the way.

On September 14, 2002 we were married at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in one of the quickest ceremonies I had ever been in. Our relationship might have been unconventional but it works well for both of us.

The rest of my family lives in California. My father and mother are (somewhat) retired and live in Vacaville. My brother is a Flight Nurse for Calstar and works across the state.

My Dad, Amanda, Mom and me of course.