The beings of In Nomine

    Angles and Demons, creatures of Light and Darkness, have been waging their battle almost as long as the world has been in existence.  Each one of the Celestial beings has a defined role that they play in the War.

Angel Choirs.

The front line fighters and messengers of Divine Will.  Each Choir serves an aspect of the Symphony that binds them all together.  Each one of them have been chosen to fight against Lucifer and his Bands of Demons for the souls of the living upon Earth..

Seraphim: The Most Holy   This is the Choir that is closest to God.  They have the powers to see the truth in people's statements and actions.

Cherubim: The Guardians    The Cherubim are the Guardian Angels of humanity.  With a touch, they can bind themselves to someone, thus dedicating their existence to it's protection.

Ofanim: The Wheels   Ofanim are the embodiment of change and motion.  They are the fastest creatures in all of Creation, able to divine the shortest distance to any location.

Elohim: The Powers   The Elohim seek rationality without the burden of emotions.  They are sought after by other Choirs in difficult decisions.

Malakim: The Virtues  Malakim were born after Lucifer's Rebellion; Angels so pure that they cannot Fall.  They are the embodiment of Divine honor and wrath and do not suffer evil to live.

Kyriotates: The Dominations   The Kyriotates are the most alien of all the Choirs.  Unable to form their own Vessel on Earth, they take possession of others.

Mercurians: Friends of Man   This Choir is the least Divine, but the closest to Humanity.  They serve on Earth as Heavenly messengers and socialites.

Demon Bands

Demons are Angels that have been twisted; They no longer hear the true Symphony, but instead follow their own.  Many were Angels that sided with Lucifer, others have fallen while on Earth and some were born in Hell.  No matter the cause of their creation, they are the most dangerous opponents that an Angel can face.

Balseraphs: The Liars  The dark side of the Seraphim, these creatures are able to make others see the truth through their eyes.  They can bend and twist the wills of others.

Djinn: The Stalkers  The Djinn pervert the protective nature of the Cherubim from which they are made from.  Rather than form a loving bond with someone, they force it upon them.

Calabim: The Destroyers  Warped versions of the Ofanim, the Destroyers embody the forces of Destruction.  Even their fellow demons are reluctant to deal with them for long as they lash out at anything.

Habbalah: The Punishers  The mirror image of the Elohim, the Habbalah give in to their emotions and live with the delusion that they serve Heaven.  They can take the most painful things that someone can feel and use it against them.

Lilim: The Tempters  The Lilim are unique among Demons as they are created by Lilith and no one else.  Beautiful beyond imagining, the Lilim offer someone what they want or need...for a price.

Shedim: The Corruptors  Shedim are the most loathed of all of the Bands.  Like their Kyriotate counterparts, they are able to take possession of others.  But unlike them, they strive to bring their hosts to ruin.

Impudites: The Takers   Fallen Mercurians, the Impudites love Humanity as much as the Friends of Man.  They are so charming that not only will they steal a person's heart, they will drain their life as well.