Seraph of Lightning, The Angel of Geeks

Corporeal 4Strength 8Agility 8
Ethereal 6Intelligence 12Precision 12
Celestial 4Will 7Perception 9
Attunements: Seraph of Lightning, Malakite of Lightnin, Angel of Networks, Angel of Geeks

Artifact: "Clarence" A laptop computer that adds 4 to the user's Computer skill and plays a mean game of Go (That last bit was an addition of Bedeul's).

Role:Raymond Carter, Freelance Computer Technician (6/4)

Skills: Computer/6, Detect Lies/4, Dodge/5, Knowledge (Computer Operating Systems/4, Computer Networks 6), Savoir Faire/3

Vessel: Human male (Mid 40s, 6'1, Long graying hair in a ponytail) Level/3


OK, the real Word he has is "Computer Operating System and Network Maintenance." But let's face it; everyone calls people that work on things like this "Geeks." Even other angels refer to him as a Geek. Rather than be insulted (Which he was at first), Bedeul simply accepted the name and went on with life.

Bedeul started out as a Seraph of Lightning that got assigned to Orc. He was fascinated with the whole concept that machines could talk to each other and how a few simple commands could link systems (OK, simple to him). He earned his Word in the late 80s with the support of Jean and Orc and he began to make a name for himself in the world. The rise of computer technology in the world has ensured that he always has a job to do somewhere.

His main Role is Raymond Carter, a freelance consultant for computer network problems. He's taken on a few Saints and Soldiers of Jean's in this business and has racked up an impressive list of regular clients through a strong work ethic and word of mouth . Even a few Vaputech companies have him as a contractor and they are just as oblivious to his Celestial nature as the mundane companies.

Physically, he's not too impressive. He appears as a man in his early fifties with greying hair. He's somewhat aloof with people who don't understand computer systems as he does (The fact he's a Seraph and one of Jean's makes this very noticeable) but is quick to answer people's questions in more detail than RTFM. Obviously, Bedeul is not a front line fighter in the War. He prefers to work on his beloved networks, teach humans and Saints how to use computers (He's recently hired a Mercurian to help out in dealing with people) and steer people away from Infernally influenced companies.

He has been doing quite well for himself on Earth. He's managed to instill a sense of ethics in some kids who might have used their skills to do harm to companies and there are several corporations whose operations are well maintained. Now if only he could cut back a bit on the coffee....