Bears of Comfort

There are times when a human advances a Word without any knowledge of The War. One such time happened because of an honest police officer who had been sent out on a child abuse call. The child had been horribly abused by both of his parents and was not responding to anyone. In a flash of inspiration, he went to his car and brought out a teddy bear that he had purchased for his newborn son. The boy clung to the bear with desperate strength and managed to tell the officer what had happened. The next day the policeman began to solicit donations of teddy bears from local retailers. Bears began to become part of the equipment that was loaded into cars.

Christopher quickly took notice of what was going on. He mobilized as many of his Soldiers and Saints that he could and they began to help police stations by donating stuffed animals. And then Archangel of Children decided to take things one step further. He found Relievers with the potential to become Cherubim or Mercurians and taught them the Ethereal Song of Harmony. The Relievers would be sent down in the vessel of a teddy bear and through the intervention of Christopher's human agents were placed in cars that were being dispatched to the worst cases of child abuse.

A Bear of Comfort looks like a regular teddy bear. The fur is very absorbent and can soak up tears with ease and the body is strong enough to endure rough handling by any child. The Relievers inside the Bears of Comfort have a very simple mission. They soothe the fears and horror of the children and gently assist with their emotional healing. The Relievers that fledge as angels after this assignment typically assume Roles as agents within legal organizations that look out for children. Having experience in working with abused children makes them very good at what they do.

Bears of Concrete

The idea of giving teddy bears to comfort children that had been tramautized was something that practically begged for attention from the Infernal side. A group of Servitors of Dark Humor in search of the next prank found some inspiration when they got their hands on a few Bears of Comfort that were going to be sent out. They removed the stuffing, filled it with concrete, and got to torture some Relievers as a bonus. The altered bears were sent out with a tag that read "Concrete Cuddlies: Teaching children that life is hard." All in all, the Servitors of Dark Humor thought it was a grand joke.

They didn't count on the punchline being their crucified, eviscerated Vessels being dumped off at the local Infernal Tether. Servitors of Christopher may be fun loving and peaceful, but that doesn't mean that they are pushovers.

The ruined bears were recovered and were about to be destroyed when the Angel of Nursery Schools got her hands on them. As a day care worker, she could never carry a weapon to defend her charges and the concrete filled teddy bears gave her an idea. She removed the concrete, grabbed some stuffing, and called in a friend of hers that served Eli.

The end result was the Bears of Concrete (Hey; the Angel of Nursery Schools thought it was a great name. You want to argue with her?). They were just as soft and cuddly as normal bears, but could become as hard as a brick with a whispered command.

Christopher was pretty pleased with this invention, Laurence tends to glare balefully when the topic is brought up and the demons have learned how embarrassing it is to explain to your Prince that you sustained Trauma inducing blunt force trauma from a plush bear with a courdoroy nose.