Business 319 - Management Information Systems

Lectures: Computer Architecture, Software Design, Operating Systems,
Contemporary Information Technology Management, ERM, Data Modeling,
Database Design including Normalization Concepts and Practicum,
Systems Planning and Analysis, Executive Information Systems, and ECommerce

Lab Sessions: HTML, XML/XSLT, MS Access, Oracle PL/SQL,
Oracle Enterprise Manager SQL Plus Worksheet, Oracle RDMS,
and MS Access/ODBC/Oracle 11g RDMS Integration

Robert C. Hughes, M.S.   email:

Next Scheduled Session: Spring 2008 BUS 319 Section 004-DIS(1690)
Fridays 9:00am - 12:40pm Stevenson Hall 2049 1/28/2008 - 5/23/2008

Course Resources: Syllabus    Slides    Reading/Links/Downloads    Class Projects

Robert C. Hughes, M.S., Data Architect and Systems Integration Consultant, California State University East Bay


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