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Macintosh freeware I have written (OS 9 and earlier) -- I have been programming in Macintosh 680x0 and PowerPC assembly language since 1987.

1227165 ECM Page -- A bunch of information on the ECM used in my 1986 Corvette (and a lot of other GM vehicles).

Corvette Links -- I own two Corvettes:
1986 automatic coupe "1986 C4" -- my daily driver.
2013 Grand Sport coupe "2013 GS".

General Automotive Links -- Links that are not specific to any particular car.

Electronic Engineering Links -- What I did before I retired. Circuit design, PC board layout, firmware.

Pseudoscience Links -- I love this stuff. UFOs, antigravity, free energy, permanent magnet motors. An amazing display of ignorance of the laws of nature. "If you look hard enough for what doesn't exist you just might find it."

Real Science Links -- Real science for real geeks. Real interesting.

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