Acclaim for Clean of Heart

"This is a remarkable book about the very important issue of chastity in the life of the Christian faithful. The author makes copious use of Holy Scripture and Divine Tradition in presenting the beauty of chastity. It is clear that her writing flows from both her research and prayerful heart."

- Father John F. Harvey, OSFS, Founding Director of Courage Apostolate (from the Forward of the upcoming Revised and Expanded Version)

"Clean of Heart: Overcoming Habitual Sins Against Purity, is an excellent practical and inspiring spiritual guide for those tormented by such sins. I highly recommend it for late teens, young adults, and anyone else struggling with such sins. Confessors will find in it a gold mine for good advice to their penitents."

- Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., Professor of Ethics and author of numerous books about Catholic living.

"Clean of Heart" is a Spirit-filled work of love and Christian charity that provides a solid program of daily spiritual and practical exercises designed to help addicts to overcome their addiction to the vice of pornography. By incorporating the tried and true meditative and contemplative aspects inherent to Catholic spirituality, and by making consistent use of rigorous prayer, self examination and deepening spirituality, the addict is able to grow measurably closer to His Merciful and Loving God and thus, lift himself or herself further away from the mire of self love that impede true union with God. I cannot endorse this truly inspired work strongly enough.

- Paul Rasavage, Founder, The Serenellians Apostolate

"This book is a MUST for anyone who wishes to break free from pornography addiction or any sexual addiction. It is full of authentic Catholic teaching and utilizes the Scriptures, teachings of the saints and Catechism of the Catholic Church in a very powerful and life changing way. I have personally used this book, and I have everyone who participates in my True Knights: Combat Training and True Knights: Purity Corps use it as part of our program for purity."

- Ken Henderson, Founder, True Knights Apostolate

"In an immodest and unchaste world, the sacred faculty of procreation, which may only be exercised licitly within the bonds of valid marriage, suffers constant onslaught in persons of nearly every age group and in all states of life. With evincing skill, Mrs. Scott lays out comprehensively the weapons which the Catholic Church affords Her children that they be able to recognize sexual addiction for what it is and to set their hearts upon the practice of chastity for the sake of Christ, and for one's salvation.

"This text is an invaluable resource for those serving youth apostolates and sacramental preparation programs, as well as for confessors and spiritual directors."

- F.P.F., member, Courage Philadelphia

"Yvonne finds the meditations good. They are strong and refreshing; she also appreciates Mrs. Scott’s use of Holy Scripture and spiritual writers who are very inspiring. Yvonne is impressed by her tremendous research. She concludes that the book is well thought out, researched, and written for a heart of Holiness."

- Yvonne (a long time Courage member, last name withheld by request)



Update 11 February 2015: The Third Edition of Clean of Heart is available. Still just $17.99. Order now!

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