Claudia Schimmer, RN : Hunting the Snark with Javascript

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This is a handy, compact search engine interface ("SNARK") using JavaScript borrowed (with permission) from a website called Hunting the Snark with Javascript. It is suggested you visit this site to get the original text if you plan on making your own customized script. I have modified it with additional search engines that I use frequently. This HTML requires you are using a browser that SUPPORTS JAVA such as Netscape 2.0. Unless otherwise indicated, all multiple searches assume "and" and should be entered without commas.
E.g. to search for "telephone triage" - one would enter ------> telephone triage

If you plan on using this JavaScript search engine, please "download" it and use it locally on your own system. You can do this by saving and then loading this html into your brower when connected to the Internet.If you would like to reach me to discuss this HTML, I am available at Last modified: July 11, 1996

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