Right now I'm just putting up a little content and later he can do whatever he wants. In the mean time here's a bit of his art. The quality is fuzzy due to the limitations of the digital camera.

Recent Awards

In May of 1996, Kimo won a Merit Award for his brush painting "Tropical Sunset" from the Artisans Gallery of Mill Valley. The show was "Art Rules" and was a collection of High School artists entered by their art teachers here in Marin. The show ran May 3-31, 1996.

  • Interestingly, the painting was sold and we wonder if the new owner realizes that a good 2 inches of the brush painting could be exposed around it's perimeter. The matt was not cut back all the way!

    On May 22. 1996 Kimo received the Outstanding Achievement in Rock Art Award from Drake High School. The Rock program is an integrated studies program within the school.

    Mt Tamalpais inkbrush 187

    Mt. Tamalpais

    Kimo Keawe circa 1987 Inkbrush , black and green
    To be honest, this one's been hanging around the kitchen for awhile.

    Spring Sunset 1996

    That's a recent piece; maybe I can scan it before framing.

    <BODY This is my son, Kimo Keawe. He's 16 and likes to cook. Give him an onion and some peppers (the hotter the better) and WATCH OUT. My favorite cooking--right at home!