Claudia Schimmer, RN

WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE. My name is Claudia Schimmer; I'm a Registered Nurse by calling and training.

I love being a Nurse focused on Community Health.

My primary work is providing Nursing care at an institutional community of 120 adults with Developmental Delay and/or Seizure Disorders. I help train the wonderful staff there as well. I have been working there over 4 years and also worked there years ago (during college) as a housemother.

My other Nursing hat was, until recently, in Community Outreach and Health Education in the Asthma and Allergy field. This work was developing the (nonprofit) Asthma Education and Resource Council, from 1995 to 2003 . Nonprofit funding diminished to the point of major changes, including no more RN developer there...but that is another story.

I am also an independent contractor - Computer Consultant and Health Educator.

What do I do in the computer field? "Process Design and Project Facilitation" and New User Trainings. (hi switchers!)

I was (until Fall 2002) Prez of a Macintosh User Group for 5 years; was on the board for 9 years. I still volunteer and consider this a most interesting and rewarding hobby activity.

Links to earlier projects and resources are below.

I live at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais

Selected Projects and Involvements

NorthBay Multimedia Association

(Early) Marin Cultural Center and Museum

Macs of Marin User Group (older) site;

New site is here
Kimo This is about my son. He's a few years older now.
He now attends this Digital Arts College, Audio Program.

Resources and FUN Links

ClaudiaRNet Medi-Resources

Homework Helper and Kids' Fun spots on the Internet

on the WWW? (An early javascript which still works tho now outdated ; Access Internic here too)

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