Rare (and not-so-rare) Mattel Catalogs

In addition to the game catalogs packaged inside every game, Mattel created a number of promotional brochures and catalogs for use at trade shows, by its marketing and sales departments, and by retailers in stores. For example, the "Mattel Electronics 1982" catalog (part no. 0007-3910) is a 8.5"x11" 32-page glossy full-color booklet distributed at the January 1982 Consumer Electronics Show, the New York International Toy Fair and for other promotional purposes. It includes the ordinary catalog descriptions of existing games as well as a section on the Keyboard Component, Intellivoice, in-store display models and some non-Intellivision Mattel Electronics offerings (handhelds, Synsonic drums, "Diet Trac").

The pictures of Mattel catalogs are courtesy of the Blue Sky Rangers (except the 1982 and January 1983 catalogs, from my own collection). I'd like to obtain copies of all the other catalogs - please e-mail me if you have any!

For comparison purposes, I've included a link to a "standard" Mattel game catalog that was included in every game package, courtesy of Kalla's web site (as well as the link to the M Network catalog).

Intellivision brochure
Part no. Int 028027B

The Blue Sky Rangers call this the first consumer brochure. Features extensive description of the unreleased Keyboard Component.

Intellivision catalog
Part no. 00073240, 16 pp, copyright 1980

The Blue Sky Rangers say: "distributed to retailers at the June 1980 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Revised for the January 1981 CES [described in detail at Intellivision Lives]." A further revised version may have been produced for the June 1981 CES. The text on Intellivision Lives may describe the 1/81 and 6/81 versions, not the 6/80 and 1/81 versions as they claim.

Intellivision catalog
January: part no. 0007-3910, 32 pp, copyright 1981
June: part no. 0007-3910A, 36 pp, copyright 1981, 1982

The Blue Sky Rangers say: "distributed to retailers at the January 1982 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Revised for the June 1982 CES." The June version removes the references to the themed game "networks" (Sports, Action, Childrens Learning, etc.); deletes Motocross (put on hold until 1983 after initial 1981-2 announcement); adds Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack (curiously omitted from the January catalog, since it was the pack-in game at the time!); adds Lock 'n Chase, TRON Deadly Discs (January catalog listed "TRON I" game with mock-up screenshot), TRON Maze-a-Tron and TRON Solar Sailer; replaces mock-up screenshots of Night Stalker, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and USCF Chess with real screenshots; tweaks Horse Racing screenshot for some reason; adds new section on M Network games for Atari.

Intellivision/M Network catalog
(November 1982)

The Blue Sky Rangers say: "distributed to Mattel salespeople and distributors at a November 1982 pre-CES meeting introducing the 1983 product line."

Intellivision/Aquarius catalog
January: no part number, 84 pp, copyright 1982
June: part no. 0151-0461, 78 pp, copyright 1982

The Blue Sky Rangers say: "distributed to retailers at the January 1983 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)." A revised version for the June 1983 CES was also released. The January version contains a photo of a mock-up ECS keyboard and refers to "Expansion System A" (future System Changer). The June version contains a photo of an actual ECS keyboard and refers to the System Changer by name.

Game Software Catalog
(January 1984)
Part no. 0151-0871, 13 pp [?], copyright 1984

The Blue Sky Rangers say: "distributed to retailers at the January 1984 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)."

Ordinary Mattel catalog packaged with games.

M Network brochure (June 1982)
The games were conversions of Intellivision games to Atari 2600.

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