Post-Mattel Catalogs - Intellivision Inc. (aka INTV Corp.)

After Mattel abandoned the Intellivision following the 1984 videogame "crash," Intellivision Inc. (aka INTV Corp.) bought the rights to the system, selling old Mattel stock, newly manufactured copies of Mattel games (these are the white-label variations), some new games that had been in development at Mattel but unreleased, and (in a few cases) totally new games. The catalogs shown on this page were used to promote the sale of old stock and new games, first through third-party mail-order companies Triton and Enterprise, and finally by Intellivision Inc. itself. The later catalogs, in particular, are interesting because they show screenshots of some of the highly rare Intv games like Stadium Mud Buggies and Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling, not to mention descriptions of games that never made it off the drawing board (e.g. Karateka). At least ten different post-Mattel catalogs were sent from the U.S., and at least one more variation is known to have been sent by a Canadian distributor.

Triton Catalog (Spring 1985)

Triton Catalog (Fall 1985)
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Triton Catalog (Spring 1986)

Triton Catalog (Fall 1986)

Enterprise Catalog (Special Edition 1987)

Enterprise Catalog (Spring/Summer 1987)

Enterprise Catalog (Special Sports Issue 1987)

Enterprise Catalog (Holiday 1987)

INTV Corp. (Fall 1988)

INTV Corp. (Fall/Holiday 1989)
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