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Movie Memorabilia Page

On this page you will see some of the items I have picked up from different movies and everything has a Certificate of Authenticity from the movie studio that produced that particular movie. You will see items from movies such as Charlie's Angels "Full Throttle"and The Hulk.

Oakley Goggles from Charlies Angels Full Throttle
Worn by Crispin "Thin Man" Glover in the movie

These Oakley goggles were used during the motorcycle race during the movie. They were worn by Crispin Glover The Thin Man in the movie. The really neat thing is everyone knows that the thin man had a hair fetish. Well there just happens to be at least one of the thin mans hairs still in the goggles. I know that can seem very gross but I think it is pretty cool.

Paper work from the movie Legally Blonde 2
Sally Fields paper work and notes from the movie

These papers are suppose to have Sally Fields Victoria Rudd signature on them and she is seen walking around through the entire movie with these folders and papers. I also have a picture of her with this exact folder in her arms in a scene from the movie. Actually you can see her with these folders and the yellow pad in almost every scene she is in.

Only Gas Mask used in "The Hulk" movie.
Used in the gamma ray lab accident scene.

Well now that I have seen The Hulk movie. I know this gas mask was used during the seen where Dr.Banner and the technician are in the lab and there is a short circuit of some type and they cannot turn off the Gamma Ray machine. So the technician grabs the gas mask and Banner tries to help him with it and then shoves him to the side as the Gamma Rays bombard him. So this is the only gas mask that was used during the entire movie.

Mandala necklace from the hit movie "THE ONE"
Worn by Jet Li and Carla Gugino in the movie

This necklace is a very cool one of a kind collectible from the hit movie "The One" starring Jet Li as Gabe and Carla Gugino as his wife T.K. They both wear one half of this necklace through out most of the movie. Then in a hospital scene Jet Li takes his half and puts it on T.K. and then connects the two halfs together to form a single necklace. The necklace also has a major close up in that same scene.

More paper work and notes from Legally Blonde 2
Sally Fields personal hand written notes.

These notes were actually hand written by Sally Field while filming the movie Legally Blonde 2 Red-White and Blonde. I have seen the movie and she carries this pad with her through out the entire movie. I have also seen at one point there were not as many notes on the pad and there fore she probably was scribbling down notes as she was filming.

Black light wand used in the Punisher Movie
Used by Thomas Jane as "Otto Krieg" on the docks

This is the light wand that Otto Kreig (Thomas Jane) uses to check the money that is brought in by Mickey Duka and Bobby Saint at the beginning of the movie on the Tampa Bay docks. The next seen is where the raid starts and Bobby Saint is shot and killed.

Jacket worn by Selma Blair in the movie Hellboy
Worn inthe last climatic fight scene of the movie

This jacket was worn by the character Liz Sherman (Selma Blair) in the hit movie Hellboy. It was worn toward the end of the movie in the final battle scenes with Sammael. She is wearing this jacket when she completely wipes out the Sammael character and all of it's eggs. She tells the other characters that they might want to run.