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June 15, 2001: The Surfing World Mournes the Loss of Jay Moriarity

Why is it that God always takes the finest? Jay was not only one of the best big wave surfers at Mavericks, he was one of the nicest guys around. His surfing was a class act, poised, confident, artistic in his approach. His judgement had become fine tuned, his timing near perfect. Out of the water he was uplifting to be around. Always positive, I never heard him say anything negative about anyone. He was an important player in modern surfing history.

I considered Jay to be my friend. I'll always miss that big smile and friendly demeanor he spread to everyone the minute he pulled up in the parking lot. I'll miss his positive vibration in the lineup. I can't even imagine how much his wife and family will miss him.

Jay, we'll miss you terribly around here, old buddy. You were and always will be special.

Go with God.


For more on Jay Moriarity, please go to my Mavericks Page

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March 3, 2000 Update: Flea (Daryl Virotsko) Does It Again!

From what I hear, a very well deserved win in huge surf at the "Men Who Ride Mountains" Mavericks Surf Contest. Congratulations, Flea.

Second place went to Kelly Slater (controversial, from what I hear),
Third place went to Tony Ray
Fourth place went to Peter Mel
Fifth place went to Zach Wormhoudt
Sixth pace went to Matt Ambrose (way to go Matt, local makes good!)
Everyone agrees, the contestants were seriously charging. These are the guys that really surf the place, and whether the judges placed them 1st or 20th, they all deserve recognition as the serious chargers around here. I would have like to have seen Grant Washburn or Jay Moriarity make the finals, word is one or the other deserved to be there, and from what they routinely do out there, I believe it.

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