Charlotte the Jack Russell Terrrier

Photo by Christy Davis (Photo Credits)

Hi, I'm Charlotte, and I'm a Jack Russel Terrier puppy. I have really long hair for a JRT, and am very small. I am well bred, not very hyper, and am extremely loving. I was adopted by my family when I was 5 months old. I'm originally from Alabama, but was sold to a breeder in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I was with the breeder, I was diagnosed as having a neurological problem related to a newly discovered syndrome called cerebella ticsia, or else to a possible brain lesion. The symptoms included running around in little circles a lot, and something to do with my ability to hold my feet correctly. Because the breeder thought I had this problem, and he thought I was partially blind in one eye, he gave me to my family because I cannot be bred.

However, since I have been with my family and have been able to run around freely in my yard instead of in a concrete dog run, I have shown no signs of the disorder. And guess what? I can see just fine in both eyes, as demonstrated by my abilities to run down any ball at full speed. I have put on weight, and have the classic JRT show stance when I want.

I love my family, which includes a little girl who laughs and shreiks with delight when we play, and I am very much loved. I enjoy running around at about a million miles an hour, I'm great at chasing tennis balls, but my real forte is playing soccer. I can push and manouver any large ball all over the place. I also love the beach, and I get to see a lot of horses, too.

If anyone knows anything about the neurological disorder called cerebella ticsia, please email . my family (, because they worry about possible future effects. Frankly, I think I was misdiagnosed, and just needed a family and some grass to run around on.

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